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new ink: a crow, a magpie and a moose

When I saw Moose Allain's beautiful sketches of crows, I immediately wanted one tattooed on me...

Moose was amazingly kind and we agreed a creative swap: I'd send him my books and he would give the freedom to use his sketches. I got in touch with Market Quarter Tattoo, who verified that Moose had given permission for his artwork to be used and we booked a date for the ink.

If you've read my books you know that crows are very important to Leora and that magpies serve as messengers. This tattoo felt like the best way to say goodbye to the season of my life that has been dedicated to writing the trilogy. As needle hit skin it felt like I was ready for the next stage of my journey as a writer. Dave Winn, who tattooed me, did such a beautiful job.

The birds feel like sacred things. I feel my courage and my future in them and I give thanks for my past. Moose is kind, funny and the best kind of silly. You can own his work too, by checking out World of Moose. Make sure you're following him on twitter and instagram.

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