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#Yaltival and Eindhoven love

I am the least well-travelled person I know and so, it felt like a huge adventure to travel to The Netherlands for Yaltival - an amazing one-day celebration of all things YA.

I had the time of my life. Doing a panel with Emily Barr and Stephanie Garber was the biggest treat ever. They are such phenomenally talented writers and so it was a real honour to be on a stage with them. They are also the kindest humans - I love the way Emily will speak with huge wisdom one second and then, the next will flash the kind of mischievous smile that makes everyone else grin. Watching Stephanie greet readers was a masterclass in enthusiastic joy. The panel was led brilliantly by Chinouk and Emmy. I had the privilege to meet my editor at Leopold who publish my books in The Netherlands. Eefje Beunen is the sweetest human and she took care of me all day.

Of course, the real highlight of the day was meeting so many amazing readers. I adore signing books for people – it is such an honour. I was blown away by the creativity of these smart readers – and, of course, their exceptional English.

I have fallen a bit in love with Eindhoven and I’m already trying to work out when I can return.

Yaltival was organised by the amazing people at the Van Piere bookshop, which is vast, beautiful and has delicious coffee. The festival was hosted by Dynamo – it was an incredible venue.

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