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Bolton Library event

I have had the loveliest evening at Bolton Library, talking about Ink and Spark. The whole event was set up by Mark and Raeesa who are 'imaginators', working towards their silver arts award. They did an incredible job of advertising the event, asked great questions and created a welcoming atmosphere in the venue.

I loved the chance to chat about books and writing and it was really fun to talk to Ella, Amber and Lily. They are in year 7 and had so many brilliant questions and had lots to say about their experiences.

How would you answer this one:

"It is possible to have too much imagination?"

Thank you to Mel and Emma who invited me along and also to bookseller Tony, from Beyond Books Media. Bolton Library is having a huge overhaul at the moment - there are some exciting things planned both at the library and the museum and it's a beautiful building.

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